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Adobe Photoshop Course in English


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3 days
(18 hours)

In this Adobe Photoshop course for beginners, the theoretical and practical applications in Adobe Photoshop will be extensively discussed. At the end of the course, the student will be able to produce print or online graphic works, from logos and business cards to banners and posters.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

 crop a subject from background;  combine multiple images to create a collage;
 crop an image to the desired size;  add text over images;
 create vector objects;  remove the imperfections of a portrait;
 apply shadows and contour to texts;  change the colors and contrast of an image;
 create posters, flyers and online banners;  control selections and layers;

Students feedback:

Very good!!! I have already recommended the course for my friends because…
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Ciocodeica Laura
Marketing Department

The most interesting course I’ve attended!
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Hanescu Anamaria
Marketing Department

Calm teacher, polite, very well documented and
strong practical background…
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Corina Homorozeanu
Business owner


Course curriculum

1. General terms of graphics
- Digital resolution
- Types of printing
- Color modes
9. Painting inside active documents
- Types of brushes and specific options (Brush Tool)
- Fill selections with Paint Bucket Tool
- Create Gradients in Gradient Editor
2. Photoshop Workspace
- Menu and pallete types
- Personalize your workspace
10. Adding texts
- Type Tool and specific options
- Types and categories of fonts
3. Active work in Photoshop
- Creating / Opening / Saving Documents
- Saving for the Internet
- Using and grouping Layers
11. Erasing tools
- Deleting background pixels with Eraser Tool
- Deleting pixels according to shades
4. Photoshop Basic Tools
- Moving images between documents with Move Tool
- Moving documents with the Zoom Tool and Hand Tool
12. Vector drawing tools
- Drawing vector curves with Pen Tool
- Editing vector objects
- Cutting background subjects with Pen Tool
5. Canceling actions
- History Window
- Keyboard shortcuts
13. Removing imperfections
- Cover pixels with Clone Stamp Tool and Patch Tool
6. Transformations and positioning
- Moving objects between documents and transforming them
- Transformation options (Distort, Perspective, Warp)
14. Layer effects
- Adding shadows
- Fill layers with color, gradient or texture
7. Selection tools
- Select background objects and position them over another image
- Creating simple geometric shapes
- Using colors
15. Image Adjustment
- Adjust the contrast using Levels and Curves function
- Converting color images to grayscale
- Changing colors using Hue / Saturation
8. Resizing options
- Cropping some parts of an image with the Crop Tool
- Resize the workspace in the Canvas Size window

Who is this course for?

The Adobe Photoshop Course course runs for 3 days and discusses the basic  features and tools in Adobe Photoshop, more complex photo editing functions and the latest tools in programs.
  • If you are a student, you will want to follow this course to gain new knowledge that can change your career
  • Photography enthusiasts will discover the most effective photo editing techniques in terms of contrast, color and brightness.
  • To reduce the marketing  budget, entrepreneurs will be able to complete their own company  identity ( logo, business cards, posters, brochures, etc.).
  • If you work in Marketing or Communication, the Adobe Photoshop Course will help you create unique quality presentations with great design.

Classroom address

The course takes place over a period of 3 days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 16 in Bucharest, 6D Regiei Bd.